What is the American Gaited Mule Association?

The American Gaited Mule Association is a group of people who have gotten together to:

  • Promote the joy of owning and riding gaited mules
  • Sponsor shows or classes within those shows
  • Form a registry of gaited mules, jacks, jennets, and mares
  • ​Train and supply judges for gaited mule shows
  • Interact with other horse and mule organizations and enthusiasts
  • Educate the public on the virtues of gaited mules

The not-for-profit organization was founded in 1994. Gaited mules, mares, jacks and jennets may be registered. ​It's easy to join AGMA. Simply print and complete the membership form, checking the level that fits you best. Membership levels include Founding Charter, Family and Single.  Find out more in FORMS & RULES.

American Gaited Mule Association

What is a Gaited Mule?

A gaited mule is any mule that has a smooth gait other than a walk, and one which is distinct from a trot. Gaits include single-foot, fox-trot, rack, running walk, stepping pace, ​and paso fino, among others.

Whatever the gait may be called, its primary virtue is smoothness. A
 gaited mule (or horse) can be ridden farther without discomfort from bouncing while trotting, and at a more manageable pace than a canter. A gaited mule is great for trail riding, also.