American Gaited Mule Association

Eddie & Judy McCrary - Tennessee

Rickie Davidson (Deceased)

Elizabeth J Gilmore & Warren P Bagley (Deceased) - Tennessee

Sue King & Jim Joling - Texas

Danny Ray & Jane Davis - Tennessee

Ken & Courtney Brown - Mississippi

Dr. & Mrs. R. W. Thomas - Virginia

R. E. Gilmore (Deceased)

Dick McCargue - Indiana

Gene Reimers - Arizona

Diana McMurtrey - Florida

Jackie Hendrix - Idaho

Jeffery Dwight Bailey - Alabama

Bill & Sandee Barnett - Kentucky

Vincent & Sue Snodgrass - Kentucky

Tony & Teresa Reeves - Alabama

Bobby & Gina Goodnight - Georgia

The Celebration Incorporated - Tennessee

Ralph E. Pinner, Sr. - Mississippi

Rene Ruiz Isais - Mexico

Jerry D. & Sherry Wood - Kentucky

Kenneth Price - Mississippi

Jennie Arnold - Kentucky

Gene & Mary Lee Montgomery - Alabama

Marty & Lorri Gordon - Tennessee

Scott Kwierant & Kathleen Kunkel - Tennessee

Jeff & Kim Hicks - Tennessee

Bill (Deceased)  & Jane Moore
State Coordinators - Tennessee

Gary, Belinda & Millie Chism
State Coordinators - Mississippi

Paul E Stamper (Deceased)

Danny & Russanna Jenkins
State Coordinators - Georgia

Larry & Wanda Cox
State Coordinator - Louisiana

Marie Lanier
State Coordinator - Montana

Steve & Sheila Clark
State Coordinators - Alabama

Jerry & Pat Carnell
State Coordinators - South Carolina

Billy & Holly Beifuss
State Coordinators - Utah

Nancy Ross & Pam Vargason (PRS)
State coordinators - Nebraska

Don & Scotty Williams
State Coordinators - North Carolina

Ray & Glenda Dearman
State Coordinators - Oklahoma

John & Peggy DeLuke
and Eva Vonschriltz (PRS)
State Coordinators - Colorado

John & Bonnie Niebruegge
State Coordinators - Missouri

Rick & Sherri Pledger
State Coordinators - Oklahoma

Ray & Glenda Dearman
State Coordinator- Arkansas

Keith & Tammy Holley
State Coordinator - Tennessee

The following families have made a substantial financial commitment to the development of AGMA. Their memberships provided the initial funds with which to underwrite the formation AGMA.  Without their commitment to gaited mules and the gaited mule industry, AGMA would not be a reality.  Their foresight and pledge of confidence is greatly appreciated by the association.

Founding Charter Members