1.  Mares already registered in a gaited registry - see  registration information found on Markings Form.
2.  Jacks, Jennets, and Mules must prove their gait by AGMA assessment. (A video tape of the animal performing its gait may be submitted with application.)
3.  Mule foals born to a registered mare and AGMA registered jack need not submit video.
4.  Make checks payable to: American Gaited Mule Association, 4915 Oxford Drive, Mobile, AL 36618.
5.  Registration fee $25.00 / Transfer Fee $10.00 for members.
6.  Non Member Registration fee $35 / Transfer Fee $20.

Forms, Rules & Diagrams

Founding Charter members receive:
1.  One free mule registration per year. Free registration must be asked for on the application.
2.  Member's name and spouse's name will be placed on a publicly displayed plaque.
3.  Member's name and spouse's name will be placed at the front of all future tule books and on the AGMA website as a founding member.
4.  A classified ad on the AGMA website for three months ($25) for FREE for one animal each calendar year.


American Gaited Mule Association