American Gaited Mule Association

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Annual Meeting to be Held February 24 

All AGMA members are invited to attend the 2018 annual meeting. It is scheduled for Saturday, February 24 at 1 p.m. in the Calsonic Arena Conference Room. See you there!

What is a Gaited Mule?

A gaited mule is any mule that has a smooth gait other than a walk, and one which is distinct from a trot.  Some gaits are single-foot, fox-trot, rack, running walk, stepping pace, paso fino, and other smooth gaits.

Whatever the gait may be called, its primary virtue is smoothness.  The gaited mule (or horse, for that matter) can be ridden farther without discomfort from the bouncing one experiences at a trot, and at a more manageable pace than a canter.  A gaited mule is great for trail riding.

‚ÄčWhat is the American

Gaited Mule Association?

In November 1993 Bill Moore, Ricky Davison and Eddy McCrary had the first meeting of the American Gaited Mule Association at Old Charles Restaurant in Lebanon, Tennessee.  Soon after Warren Bagley, Elizabeth Gilmore and Sue King came aboard to help form the AGMA.  At this time, the six of us felt as if we should have some input from the Walking Horse Industry and contacted Ronald Young, David Howard and Tommy Grider for guidance.  John T. Bobo, of Bobo, Hunt and Bobo Law Firm, came aboard as our attorney.  In the spring of 1994 at our next meeting the board of directors was formed.  The first AGMA Board of Directors and Officers were Bill Moore (President), Eddy McCrary (Vice President), Warren Bagley (Treasurer), Elizabeth Gilmore (Secretary) and  Directors: Ricky Davison, Ronald Young, Tommy Grider, David Howard and Sue King.

On July 6, 1994, the AGMA was incorporated with the state of Tennessee as a non-profit organization.  In the fall of 1994 the AGMA was contracted by Sue King from the North American Saddle Mule Association at her request we formed a rules committee to do a section in the rule book for gaited mules.  The Rules Committee included Eddy McCrary, Ricky Davison, Ronald Young, Warren Bagley and Bill Moore.  This started our affiliation of the AGMA with the NASMA.  In 1995 the AGMA asked the Great Celebration Mule Show in Shelbyville, Tennessee to hold their first World Championship Show.  We have grown from one class simply called "gaited" with 22 total mule entries to a current 24 classes with some have over 30 entries in 2006.

In 2006 a AGMA Rule Book was published and we continue to expand and grow.