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American Gaited Mule Association

10 July 2017

 AGMA Members,

I would like to thank everyone for all his or her work supporting the
  2017 World Show. Tammy and I enjoyed spending time and showing with the AGMA Family.

Please think about this year’s show and give me your thoughts on how we can make next year’s show better. Please e-mail me at or through AGMA.  With everyone’s help and ideas we can continue to grow AGMA, have better shows, and have fun doing it.  

The next AGMA show is the 2ND Annual AGMA Tennessee State Championship Gaited Mule Show.  It starts at 6 p.m., Friday, August 25 at the Wilson County fairgrounds in Lebanon, Tennessee.

We are trying to make this a great show for members. This year there will be nice ribbons, Tennessee plaques (trophys) for all Tennessee State Champion classes, and paybacks starting at $40 for first place.  Please come, and let’s have a great show.  If you would like to sponsor a class, send your sponsor information and check to:
Gene Montgomery
AGMA Secretary
4915 Oxford Dr.
Mobile, AL  36618
Note the class you would like to sponsor.  Sponsors will be posted on the AGMA website for one year. 

Tammy and I look forward to seeing you at the show.


Keith Holley  
AGMA President

A letter from the president